Albers Engineering

Engineered for Excellence

AI and Algorithm Development

Discover cutting-edge AI solutions with Albers Aerospace. Our skilled engineers craft innovative algorithms using AI, Machine Learning, and optimization techniques. From problem modeling to agile development, the Albers Team designs algorithms that deliver optimal performance while navigating computational constraints.

Demonstrated Expertise In Areas Such As:

  • Threat characterization
  • Target tracking and discrimination
  • Clutter suppression
  • Passive ranging
  • High Altitude Landing Zone Identification
  • Aircraft sense and avoid
  • Image detection and classification
  • Cognitive EW
  • Counter UAS

Intelligent Defense

We radically transform defense capabilities by integrating AI and ML into precision-targeted solutions, driving the future of global security. Our tech utilizes advanced algorithms and incremental design to set new standards for threat detection, engagement, and operational efficiency in high-stakes environments.