Albers Sensors

Rapidly Deployable
Surveillance Cameras

Albers Sensors

Situational Awareness

We extend beyond the horizon of traditional surveillance, delivering real-time intelligence to be a force multiplier for law enforcement, government agencies, and the war fighter.

Unattended Ground Sensors

Mission-Critical Surveillance

With capabilities spanning real-time video, motion detection, and license plate reading, our surveillance systems are designed to empower our state and federal clients with immediate, actionable intelligence.

Made in America

Operational Superiority Technological Dominance

What sets our sensors apart? The answer lies in our commitment to delivering military-grade rugged enclosures, industry best image quality, cutting edge analytics and seamless connectivity as the only multi-carrier device that supports both FirstNet and Frontline in one unit.

Our enclosures are engineered for all-weather deployments, guaranteeing reliability when it matters most. The cameras we employ provide incomparable resolution, low-light performance, and speed—capturing critical details. Moreover, our systems are fully compatible with Verizon, AT&T LTE, and FirstNet, offering comprehensive connectivity solutions.

Key Products and Services

Remote Surveillance

Albers Aerospace leads the charge with sensor technology that captures and conveys crucial data, enhancing the strategic situational awareness of first responders.

Military-Grade Performance

Designed for the unforgiving realities of field deployment, our Unattended Ground Sensors redefine the landscape of surveillance with custom concealment enclosures and robust steel security lock boxes.


The pinnacle of our surveillance technology  is embodied in our USA-made  LTE camera, the most advanced of its kind, designed to fulfill the American Made mandate.

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