Albers Industrials

Behind Every Mission is an Engineering Masterpiece

Albers Industrials

Tradition of Excellence

Committed to the resurgence of manufacturing in the US and in the defense industrial base, Albers has established key capabilities that matter for the Warfighter. With locations throughout the DFW Metroplex, Maryland, and other parts of the country, we have a vast set of capabilities that our customers will find beneficial, responsive, and of value.

Albers Manufacturing | Heritage Aviation

Precision Avionics & Custom Fabrication

Located in Grand Prairie, TX, Heritage Aviation, a proud subsidiary of Albers Aerospace, stands as a testament to American ingenuity and craftsmanship. With a rich legacy of aerospace manufacturing, our build-to-print facility is renowned for its sub-assembly prowess and versatility in working with a range of materials—from sheet metal to titanium and Inconel.

Heritage Aviation

Advanced Manufacturing Services

AS9100D Registered Assembly & Manufacturing: Offering a full range of services for aerospace and defense, ensuring top-tier quality control.

Component and Wiring Harness Assembly: Specialized in complex assemblies, delivering reliability and performance.

Precision Machining: State-of-the-art machining capabilities including 3, 4, and 5 axis technology for unmatched precision.

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Our Commitment

Specialized Processing Techniques

Albers Aerospace manufacturing facility is a testament to the passion and expertise of our leadership team. Composed of esteemed former aviators and test pilots, their unique perspective drives our pursuit of excellence. Every project benefits from our deep understanding of aerospace demands and dedication to delivering value-priced, quality work for our clients—including the brave individuals who defend our nation.

What Sets Us Apart

Our comprehensive capabilities, from precision machining to complex assemblies and specialized surface treatments, make us the preferred partner for leading aerospace and defense entities. By controlling the entire manufacturing process, we offer agility, efficiency, and industry-leading quality.

5-Axis Machining and Sheet Metal Fabrication

Advanced 5-axis machining technology for complex geometries and high-precision sheet metal parts, ensuring superior performance and fit.

Wiring Harness & Structural Sub-Assemblies

Comprehensive assembly services that integrate seamlessly into your systems, enhancing reliability and operational efficiency.

Surface Treatment & Finish Painting

NADCAP certified advanced surface treatment and painting services to meet rigorous aerospace standards, ensuring longevity and aesthetic excellence.

System Integration

Expert integration of complex systems, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for the most demanding aerospace applications.

Special Processing Capabilities

Tailored welding, painting, and coating services that meet specific aerospace needs, enhancing durability and performance.

Trusted By

MD Helicopter, Lockheed Martin Aerospace, Northrop Grumman, Spectra Missiles.

Albers Plating

40 Years of Quality Aerospace Services

Originally started as a family-owned plating shop in the 1980’s, the facility was acquired in 2023 by Albers Aerospace to be the leading supply source for chemical processing of customer furnished parts for ferrous and non-ferrous metals used in aerospace and other industries.

Albers Plating

Specialized Processing Techniques

Painting and Chromate Conversion Coating: High-quality surface treatments for enhanced durability and resistance.

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ALbers Container | Garrett Container Systems

Secure, Durable Shipping and Storage

At Albers, we're dedicated to engineering excellence, producing cutting-edge aluminum shipping containers and solutions for both military and commercial applications. Our expertise spans a range of products designed for durability, security, and efficiency, from military-grade cargo containers to innovative commercial storage solutions.

Garrett Container Systems

Military & Government Solutions

Welded Airtight Containers: Customized to client specifications, featuring industry-standard enhancements such as forklift pockets and humidity indicators for aerospace and defense applications.

General Purpose Containers: 463L compatible units with Chemical Agent Resistant Coating and enhanced security features for versatile military use.

Joint Modular Intermodal Container (JMIC): The JMIC uses the standardized interlocking module allowing fast access and rapid assembly of loads and the efficient movement of supplies through the distribution system to the end user.

Garrett Container Systems

Commercial Storage Solutions

Aluminum Pallets: Offering a rust-free, durable, and recyclable solution for shipping, storage, and warehousing needs, designed to be lightweight yet sturdy.

Customizable Features: Ability to tailor designs to meet specific handling requirements without the cost of custom molds.

Manufacturing Excellence: Via our understanding and application of manufacturing engineering, process control, and a warfighter mindset with quality at the forefront we pursue excellence in the products we are proud to assemble each week.

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Container Services

Innovation and Partnership

Albers stands at the forefront of container and storage solution innovation, partnering with leading defense contractors and commercial enterprises. Our commitment to quality, durability, and functionality is evident in our partnerships and product development, ensuring our clients receive only the best solutions

Certified Welding

Our certified welding capabilities guarantee airtight, pressure-tight containers essential for sensitive military and aerospace applications.

Robotic Welding Techniques

Ensuring high-quality, repeatable results at speed, our robotic welding services represent the pinnacle of manufacturing efficiency and precision.

Custom Design and Engineering

Leveraging in-depth specifications and test requirements knowledge, we create bespoke container solutions for unique operational needs.

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