Albers Innovation

Implementation Partner

Albers Innovation

From Laboratory to Battlefield

Albers Aerospace, in collaboration with leading research institutions and innovative startups, delivers sophisticated emerging technologies from the laboratory directly to the hands of those who protect us.

Research& Development

Emerging Technologies for the Warfighter

Albers Aerospace stands at the forefront  of innovation, leveraging strategic alliances with research entities and burgeoning tech firms to funnel  groundbreaking technologies directly to the warfighter. Our role transcends that of a mere participant; we are the conduit through which advanced technology flows from conceptual stages to the front lines, ensuring our military's competitive edge.

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Vertical Solutions

Group 2/3 Drone Operations

Our mission-aligned drone solutions embody the pinnacle  of endurance and adaptability. Specializing in Large Group 2 UAVs, our platforms, including Squall, Cyclone, and Sandstorm, are engineered for superior performance, offering extended operation capabilities that set them apart in the competitive landscape.

Key Offerings


Laser System Innovations: Pioneering research in laser technology and material interaction.

AI/ML Applications:
In target classification, enhancing precision and efficiency.

Drone & Mission System Autonomy:
Revolutionizing unmanned capabilities.

Engineer Tool Development:
Crafting the tools that build the future.

Vertical Solutions

Sandstorm: Fixed-wing Group 2 UAS

Squall: Lightweight, Low Cost, Loitering Asset

Cyclone: Long Endurance, Mission Ready, Unmanned Solution

Enabling Subsystems: Hybrid Propulsion, Secure Communications, Autonomy, Guidance and Landing Systems

USPL Systems

Mobile USPL Cart: Agile and precise, delivering on-demand, high-quality ablation wherever needed.

USPL Workstation: A hub of innovation, designed for outstanding accuracy in material removal.

Integrative flexibility for customized system enhancements.

Material Removal

Ultra-Short Pulse Laser Systems

At the intersection of precision and innovation lies our Ultra-Short Pulse Laser (USPL) Systems capability. Specializing in the removal of materials from thermally sensitive parts, we are pioneering a-thermal laser ablation techniques that redefine the boundaries of what is possible in both production and sustainment.


Composite Resin Removal

Coating/Paint Removal

Surface Preparation

Our approach is distinguished by a-thermal laser ablation, in situ monitoring for exacting control, and a flexible architecture that accommodates a range of operational settings.

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