Albers Engineering

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Mechanical Design

Projects often come with physical demands and limits that play a crucial role in designing the whole system. Albers Aerospace engineers use mechanical models in their development work to grasp how different parts affect each other and to achieve a successful product build.

Key Services:

  • Industrial Laser System Design & Manufacturing
  • Thermal System Design
  • Advanced Composite Design
  • Mechanical Systems Integration   
  • Electro-Mechanical Packaging
  • Manufacturing Design

Modeling Tools

SolidWorks offers tools for creating detailed 3D models and animations. These help check a design's suitability before it's made. It handles everything from standard industry designs to our own PCB layouts, merging them into a cohesive plan. Albers turns these 3D images into 2D diagrams to aid manufacturing. By collaborating with local workshops and manufacturing firms, we can create prototypes and custom-designed, affordable products.