MBSE-enabled, tailored processes

What would an incremental, benefits-based view of MBSE look like?

A program manager could select & prioritize the benefits that are needed from MBSE and require only the activities which have been determined to provide value. These benefits are not aspirations, they are the deliverables and capabilities that result from disciplined systems engineering activities. MBSE becomes something actionable and defined with clear deliverables.Incremental: certain deliverables and capabilities of MBSE can be specified as appropriate for the specific effort and selected by program leadership.Tailored: As capabilities and deliverables are selected, the process model is deriving what MBSE activities need to be performed.Contractual: Activities required to produce the specified capabilities and deliverables are described in contractually verifiable language suitable for a Statement of Work.Verifiable: Visibility is provided into task progress. Validations are run against models to determine correctness. When verified complete, the deliverables and capabilities will provide the benefit desired which promotes efficiency and re-use, and reduces the potential for vendor lock. Ensure the traceability and transparency exists for leadership, developers, maintainers, and logisticians to generate the products they need.MBSE is Systems Engineering, and Systems Engineering processes are ordered, iterative activities that have definable, testable, and known completion criteria. Because these activities have a sequence and those activities are verifiable, this can generate an executable schedule, where progress against that plan can be tracked.

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